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                    COMPANY PROFILE

                    COMPANY PROFILE

                    Ningbo Yinzhou Kaiyuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan Yinuo Electronics(Motive) in the mainland.It is a technology-based company specializing in the design, research and development, production and sales of various types of electric screwdrivers,torque wrenches,torque drivers, pneumatic screwdrivers and servo assembly tools.

                    In 2017, the company invested 50 million yuan in Yinzhou industrial zone and built a 15000 square meter mechanical R & D center. This research and development center is mainly for the development and production of various types of torque tools, torque testing equipment and supporting sensors.Industry 4.0 smart monitoring and smart assembly meet the inevitable trend of smart production.It is suitable for various high-precision industrial manufacturing needs, such as data collection and analysis of screw lock, lock record tracking, production history report, and programmable control automation equipment.In order to meet the special requirements of customers, our company can develop various customized torque tools.

                    The products developed and produced by MOTIVE have beautiful appearance, complete specifications, reliable performance, complete functions, high precision and easy to carry. They involve many industries, such as automatic industrial manufacturing, electronic appliances, power machinery, etc.

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